InMotion Review

Best suited for business websites, InMotion offers the highest performance, reliability, and security.

InMotion is a high performance web host, widely recommended for business web hosting. InMotion is one of the fastest and most reliable web hosting companies out there with data speeds up to 6 times faster than the average web host. InMotion was founded in 2001 and since then, has grown to become the leading provider in high performance web hosting. InMotion is a business web host. This means that InMotion is great for small and large businesses that need fast, safe, and reliable web hosting.

InMotion has 2 powerful hosting datacenters located in the US. Using InMotion’s exclusive Max Speed Zone technology, websites load incredibly fast because they are routed to the visitor’s nearest location. This is an exclusive feature that only InMotion currently uses, which helps contribute to their high speed hosting. Within each hosting facility, InMotion uses custom built Dell R720 servers for all their shared hosting plans. And the Dell R720 is fast! Each InMotion customer will get a hosting account that has super fast speeds, capable of up to 1 Gigabit per second. This means that your website will load very quickly and reliably for every visitor.

What Does InMotion Offer?

InMotion offers 3 different hosting plans: Launch, Power, and Pro. You’ll have to decide on which plan is right for you. The main difference between each plan is the number of websites that you are allowed to host on one account. For example, with the Launch plan, you can host 2 websites on the same account, and with the Pro plan, you can host 200. Each web hosting plan offered by InMotion comes standard with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. InMotion also includes an easy to use website builder and thousands of free website templates to help get your website quickly online. Furthermore, InMotion offers additional benefits such as free advertising credits from Google Adwords, Facebook, and Microsoft Bing.

InMotion Features

Key Reasons for InMotion

  • Offers higher performance than most other web hosts
  • More reliable & secure than most other web hosts
  • Provides more bandwidth usage than most other web hosts
  • Premium WordPress, Drupal, & Joomla support
  • Easy-to-Use cPanel for managing your web hosting account
  • Advanced business email accounts w/ spam blocking
  • Offers the usual free marketing credits
  • Has great 24/7 customer support
  • Offers an outstanding 90 day money-back guarantee

Hosting with InMotion is very easy to manage. InMotion uses cPanel, the industry standard control panel. From cPanel, you can easily manage your web hosting account, modify settings, and setup features, like adding email accounts, using FTP to transfer website files, viewing your website traffic statistics, managing your domain name, setting up your database, and anything else you might need your hosting account to do.

Should I buy from InMotion?

In our opinion, InMotion is by far the best web host we’ve tested for business websites. InMotion is all about speed and reliability. They also offer great technical support as well. All in all, it’s the best choice for business hosting.

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